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Dean Huyck


Who is Dean?

He is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. Yes, he is a multi-award winning educator (Profiling Excellence, Amethyst Award)... but then, so much more than that. He is a scholar warrior with vast life experiences ranging from abuse survivor, athlete, university coach, wildlife biologist, artist, musician and parent. Working in a variety of educational settings, including psychiatric day treatment and learning disabilities, he has collected a wealth of experience to compliment his ability to empathize and strategize with people of all backgrounds. Now into his second half century he is a guide and facilitator. His workshops,  covering a wide range of well-being related topics, have been attended by hundreds of professionals from various disciplines to rave reviews.  An event with Dean is always equal parts cutting edge knowledge and engaging entertainment resulting in a totally unique professioal development experience.   He is a modern day samurai believing that service to others is the highest calling.




Workshop Facilitator

Institution Consultation

Personal Coaching

“Dean is very inspiring… truly genuine.  We laughed, shared and experienced life today.”
“Dean is hands down the best professional development I have had in my career. He’s brilliant, passionate and life changing.”
“Undoubtedly the best workshop I’ve ever been to.  I can take this with me forward in my life.  I feel like a disciple!”
“Dean is a passionate teacher and speaker who speaks with heartfelt insight.  His workshops are filled with self-learning, laughter and excitement to come back again and again.  Huyck is a life changing experience like no other.”

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